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When chance brings a grain of sand to rest inside an oyster's shell, the oyster surrounds the sand with a nacre coating. Today, we assist the oyster by inserting a tiny sphere of natural material into its shell. The oyster completes the process to give us the most luminous of gemstones... the Cultured Pearl. A wide range of Pearl shapes, sizes, colors and luster's include cultured, round saltwater, elongated freshwater, mabe, Tahitian Black and South Sea Pearls.


Pearls come in a range of natural colors from white, cream and gold, to gray, blue and black with hues of rose, lilac and green. Different colors may be achieved through bleaching, dyeing or chemicals combined with heat or irradiation..

Why Pearls?

The symbolism of Pearl is treasured as a gift for June birthdays, a traditional gift for brides and celebration of the third and thirtieth anniversaries. Pearl is a timeless gift of love.

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